Kirovograd is situated in the centre of Ukraine, in the steppe and, partially, in the forest-steppe zones, between two rivers, the Dnieper and the Southern Bug. The area of the Kirovograd Region is 24 600 sq. km (4,1% of Ukraines territory), with the population of 1 183 000 inhabitants. The gold fields prospected in the last decades can become a base for organization of gold mining and processing in Kirovograd in the future. According to geological information, there is a possibility to prospect the deposits of platinum, diamonds, copper, chromium, tungsten and rare metals. Kirovograd is well known for its well-developed agriculture for a long time. Its climatic conditions and fertile black earth are favorable for agricultural plant growing. The Kirovograd Region has advantageous geographical situation and a developed transport network. Its territory is traversed by railways that ensure transportation in the direction Donetsk Basin - Carpathian Mts., thus connecting important industrial and agricultural areas of the South with the South-East and the Center of Ukraine. Temperate warm climate, mineral and radon water deposits, forest tracts, meadows and rivers create favorable conditions for organization of short and long-term rest, as well as a resort network. Kirovograd Region is a unique historical center of Ukrainian culture, a home of first professional Ukrainian theater, a capital of the art of dancing in Ukraine.