Kirovskaya Oblast is one of the largest regions of the Russian Federation. It is situated in the northeast of the European part of Russia. The area of its territory is 120,8 thousand square kilometers. The climate is moderate continental. Average temperature of January is 14 degrees centigrade below zero, average temperature of July is +17 degrees. The region was formed on December 7, 1934. The total area is 120,8 thousand sq. km. (0,71 % of the whole territory of the Russian Federation, 33rd in the list). The centre of the region is Kirov. The city was founded in 1374. Distance to Moscow is 896 km. People of more than 100 nationalities live in Kirov. The biggest ethnic groups are the Russians (90,4 %), the Tatars (2,7 %), the Maris (2,6 %), the Udmurts (1,4 %), the Ukrainians (1,1 %). Railway lines run through the oblast connecting the centre of Russia with the North, Ural, Siberia and the Far East. Kirovs is known for its one of the largest Russian enterprises for nonferrous metal working. Kirovs is the only manufacturer of tubing guides in Russia and the countries of the CIS. It is also a leader in production of high-precision profiles, fur goods and footwear. Kirovs is also famous for its significant historical and cultural legacy. There are 3588 monuments of archeology, history, town-planning and architecture in the region.


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