Welcome to Kherson, the remarkable southern city with cozy ancient places and numerous modern ensembles. Kherson is the city that successfully combines its rich 225-year old historic traditions with progressive science, culture and business undertakings. Even though Kherson is old enough still it's young and modern. More than 300,000 of its inhabitants believe Kherson to be their own. Among them the Ukrainians, the Russians, the Greeks, the Tatars, the Germans are. Kherson is very picturesque. How can't it be if it's on one of the longest European rivers the Dnieper? Kherson appeared according to the Russian Empress's Catherine II edict. It was to become a fortress, a city and a shipyard to protect the southern borders of the Russian Empire. The city of Kherson is on the bank of the mighty, grand river Dnieper. Whenever you feel down, whenever you're lost within life routine and senseless trifles, come to one of Kherson's quays to admire the Dnieper's picturesque banks, the vast water space. The endless horizons will make you feel serene, they'll set you free. Kherson's embankments are popular places for the city's citizens and its guests to walk and admire peace and harmony of nature. So, Kherson's life is active and impetuous, Kherson's people are friendly and hospitable, Kherson itself is impressive and unique. And it's up to you to decide whether to let Kherson show its originality to you or not. In any case you're always welcome to Kherson!>Rent Apartments Kherson-Apartment rental in Ukrainian city Kherson is 50% cheaper then rental in hotels.


There is often an opinion that Slavic women are special. They both live and feel differently, and their attitude to men is in stark contrast to ‘western standards’. At once there appears a question: what kind of a man would a Russian girls like to see in bed and when having sex?

Russian women are valued for their beauty, faithfulness, femininity and traditional family values. This fact doesn’t need any proofs. And what do Slavic women like in western men? Let’s puzzle it out…