Kemero is located in West Siberia, and occupies an area of 95,700 square kilometers, which is 0.85 percent of Russia. Over 63 percent of the area is covered by forests, and 26.8 percent is covered by agricultural lands. The oblast is partially covered by mountains (in the south and southeast), and forests and steppe (in the central part and northwest). The climate is continental. Winter is long, and summer is short. Kemero is the best discovered geological area in Siberia. Its natural resources are enormous. The region is famous for its Kuznetsk coal basin (Kuzbass), the largest in Russia. Coal resources are estimated to be 725 billion tons. Over 43 percent of coal deposits are found close to the surface. Various types of coal have been discovered in the region. Kemerovo is the largest industrial city in Siberia, and is one of the key cities in the Russian economy. Even though the region covers 0.85 percent of Russia's territory, it contributes 2.1 percent to the Russian economy. The region contributes over 44 percent of the rock coal, and 70 percent of the coking coal mined in Russia. Foreign investment is mainly targeted at trading, restaurant business, and maintenance of mining equipment. The largest investment project with foreign capital (US$2.8 million) in the region was to establish the InvestEnergo joint venture, based on the Zarechnaya coal mine. Producers and distributors of mining equipment, first of all British and German, are active in the region.


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