Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan, Eastern European Russia, on the Volga. Kazan - behind this word there is rich centuries-old culture of one of the most beautiful cities of Russia, reflected in the historical monuments, culture and architecture. Through the prism of history these monuments have brought to us many interesting things from the life of ancient Kazaners. Kazan has gone through many changes. From frontier city it has turned into the capital of the republic In XIII century the Bulgaria state was a part of empire of Chingizkhan. As a result of disintegration of Golden Horde in the territory of the Volga region there was a new feudal state - Kazan Khanate. In the second half of 16-17 centuries Kazan was capital of the east of Russia, the centre of extensive territory. The shape of city began to change, now Kazan not only the centre of province, but "East capital", one of the biggest cities of Russia. Kazan was noisy, trading city. At Kazan merchants it was possible to meet the goods from all the world. During the first half of 19 century the city is finally formed as the industrial, trading and cultural centre not only in the Volga region, but also in Russia. In the beginning of XX century brisk construction was conducted: rich private residences of merchants and noblemen, churches and cathedrals, mosques and madrasahs were erected, gardens and squares, on the squares monuments were established. The end of XX century opened new opportunities for development of statehood of Tatarstan


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