Kaliningrad (formerly Konigsberg) is a seaport city, capital and main city of the Kaliningrad Oblast, a small Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania with access to the Baltic Sea. Kaliningrad lies on the Pregolya River near its mouth on the Vislinski Zalev, which empties into the Gulf of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea. It is completely separated by overland borders of the foreign states and the international sea waters. Indeed, in 1255 the main castle of Koenigsberg was founded on bank of the Pregel river. Since the beginning of its history, Koenigsberg actively participated in trade activities as a member of the Hanza Union. Since World War II, the political map of Europe changed indeed and the former capital of Eastern Prussia, Koenigsberg became a Russian city named Kaliningrad. Today, Kaliningrad is an administrative center of the most western territory of Russia. The borders of the region were determined according to the Potsdam Conference of the Allies in 1945. One third of Eastern Prussia with capital of Koenigsberg was allocated to the former USSR and two thirds of it were attributed to Poland. The main part of the German population abandoned the territory together with the withdrawing army. The mode of special economic zone operates in region, the preferential mode of investments and enterprise activity, including external economic is established. The resort zone reaches on hundred kilometers along Kaliningrad coast, opening hospitably doors of the fantastic cities and settlements.


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