Gorlovka is a city in eastern Ukraine. An industrial city developed in the Donets Basin after 1930, and noted as a coal-mining center and for the production of chemicals. The city was founded as a mining camp in the 1860s. The population of this city is about 309,000. Being by the constituent of immense Eurasian steppe, Gorlovka during thousands of years was a place of settlements of numerous nomadic tribes. Militant floors were last of the nomads, finding here a second Motherland. They have left after themselves remarkable monuments to a history - immovable statues, some times was decorating hole places famous tribes. From an antiquity through territory by modern Gorlovka in the middle of the river Bahmutka and Lugan there drove one of this steppe roads - "Kalmius's sakma". Peoples of steppe have used it for raids to the Moscow state. In the beginning of 20 century in Gorlovka was derivated the bricks factory. It was delivering coal bricks to the Black Sea and to the Baltic shipping company. In the maiden decade of the 20 century in Gorlovka there was already more than thousand houses. Not always it was good-made housing.