Donetsk was created on July 17, 1932. The Donetsk region is situated in the South West part of Ukraine.According to its geographical location Donetsk region belongs to central steppe. The climate of the region is a continental one with some casual hot dry phenomena. Donetsk is the most densely populated city of Ukraine. Over 10 % of the entire population of the country lives here. Donetsk is an industrial center of Donbas. Recent archeological investigations prove that the Donetsk region belongs to those regions of Ukraine, which have been inhabited in antiquity, beginning from the Paleolithic epoch. Donetsk having its own fuel and energy resources, nearness of the Krivbass ferrous ore deposit, rich network of motor-roads and railways, outlet to the sea, high level of urbanization contribute to unique terms for development of industry and active participation in the state and international division of labor.Today industry of Donetsk in general develops quickly, enlarging the volume of production. The financial state of many enterprises improves.


In Russia the most popular marrying age is 25 years old. So does statistic speak. But psychologists have a different opinion. To their mind, from the point of a normal family creation the best age for a woman over 30.

Getting married at a quite young age many Russian girls make a fully natural mistake in a choice of a man. And they remain lonely after some time… A period of hatred towards men lasts not for a long time – usually women at the age of 35 are morally ready to the second marriage.

As all the Slavic women Ukrainian ones are able to mix in themselves femininity, elegance, tenderness, natural wisdom, beauty, ability to take care of herself, always keeping herself desired for a beloved man. How do Ukrainian women manage to do this?