Dnepropetrovsk -is situated on the Dnipro river and is one of the largest industrial centres of Ukraine ( 592-km from Kyiv). The population is 1 179 000. Being the major soviet rocket-building centre the city for a long period was closed for the foreigners. In 1991 the city opened its gates to tourists from all over the world. The city was founded by Prince Hrygory Potyomkin in 1787 and was named Yekaterinoslav in honour of Empress Catherine the Second. In 1926 the city was renamed into Dnepropetrovsk.Among the architectural monuments of the past the tourists can see: Hrygory Potyomkin's Palace (1786, in 1961 it was transformed into Palace of Culture for students), the Transfiguration Cathedral (1830-35, architect O.Zakharov), the City Hall ("Duma") of the early 20th c., monuments to Taras Shevchenko and Bogdan Khmelnytsky, St.Michael church (1807). To enjoy real authentic works of Ukrainian craftsmen one must go to Petrykivka - a village on the Chaplynka river, 25 km from Dnepropetrovsk. This village has a very rich history and is well known far beyond the borders of Ukraine for its artisans who make unique paintings on paper, wood and metal. Besides visiting the museum where the best samples are exhibited the visitors can observe a very delicate process of making these chef d'oevres and then buy them.


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