Dimitrovgrad is the Russian situated in the Middle Volga region. The nearest large cities are Ulyanovsk (100 km) and Samara (250 km). Like all other towns small and large Dimitrovgrad has its own history. Dimitrovgrad is situated near the confluence of the rivers Melekesska and Bolshoy Cheremshan. These parts were famous for natural resources, forest, fur-bearing animals and birds, berries, meadows and ploughed fields. In the 50s of the XYII century these parts were fortified along the right bank of the Bolshoy Cheremshan river to guard the frontier of the Russian state against raids of Nogay and Crimean Tatars. According to the history the first settlers of the Bolshoy Cheremshan right bank came from the Elabuga uyezd of Vyatka province in 1626.It is most likely that it were these newcomers who brought the name of the village and the river Melekess. Dimitrovgrad is the second industry town in the Ulyanovsk region. Chemical engineering works, milling plant and hosiery factory are situated here. The former flax-mill was transformed into the large flax association. In the pine forest the new Dimitrovgrad containing many - storeyed buildings and modern department stores was constructed in the vicinity of the old town. At present there are 20 secondary schools, the Branch of the Ulyanovsk Polytechnical Institute, 4 technical secondary schools, the music college, 2 music schools, the art school and 5 special schools in Dimitrovgrad.