Cheboksary is a city in central European part of Russia, the capital of Chuvash Republic. The city's population is 446,000. Cheboksary is situatedon the right bank of the Volga River, in the distance of almost 700 km from Moscow. The first mentioning about the city dates by 1469. Cheboksary used to be the fortress of the Moscow state, it was known as a large trading city of the Volga region. Today it is one of the leading industrial and cultural centers of the Russian Federation. The city has a rich history. If you ever visit this beautiful city you should not miss a chance to visit National Museum, Art Museum, the city Kremlin. Another pride of Cheboksary citizens is a good deal of churches (25 churches and 4 monasteries), the Cheboksary bells were known in London and Paris.


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