Berdyansk is a port city in Zaporizhzhya Oblast, southeastern Ukraine. Berdyansk is located 160 km (99 mi) southwest of Donetsk. It lies on a small peninsula on the northern coast of the Sea of Azov, in a semiarid plain. Founded in 1827, it was called Osipenko from 1939 to 1958. German forces occupied the city for several months during World War II (1939-1945). A coastal health resort is nearby. Population of Berdyansk (1996 estimate) is 135,000.Data about inhabitants on this territory goes back to many centuries before. Remains of two settlements of early bronze age, which was the third millennium B.C. were explored at the Eastern part of the city. Seaport was the main employer of Berdyansk in the middle of the last century. Roomers about the new seaside city spread far beyond the region, abroad. Trade Consulates of Greece, England, Italy, Spain, Austria and Hungary, France, Denmark and other states appeared one by one. Nature gifted this wonderful piece of land to people, which is suitable for living, enjoying the beauty of the sea and golden beaches, for rest and resort. The name of this paradise is Berdyansk. Berdyansk is a modern well-being city today, which is comfortable for citizens and guests with pedestrians "European" zone in the center of the city, with good service of root-buses, with many comfortable bases, and original monuments-fountains-benches.