The city of Alchevsk is a rayon center and one of the biggest industrial centers of the Luhansk oblast and Donbas region. It is situated in the northwest of the Luhansk oblast, 45 kilometers from the city of Luhansk itself. The city of Alchevsk was founded in 1896. It has a territory of 50 square kilometers and population of 118 thousand people. In the city, there are large enterprises representing the metallurgy industry of Ukraine Alchevsk metallurgy industrial complex - OJSC and Alchevsk-coke OJSC - and a number of plants producing construction materials and units, concrete products, and other industrial products. The volume of production in Alchevsk comprises over 25% of the industrial output of the entire Luhansk oblast. Among the main products produced by the two metallurgical giants are cast iron, steel, rolled metal, coke, and sulphuric acid. Also operating in the city are a bread-baking plant, a garment factory, as well as different communal enterprises. Favorable conditions for small and medium business development and investment attraction are being created in the city.