Recently, there is an opinion you can hear more and more often that mail order brides, Russian women are on sale, that it is easy to buy a girl from Russia.
Of course to buy a woman it does not mean to get her as a property. It is more like to swap feelings and soul for money and material welfare. Many people believe that dating agencies actually just put up for sale cheap Russian women…
Yes, a man can charm some Russian women with money. For example, an ordinary girl who wants to live a normal life.
Who does not love the care and attention? Who would live uncomfortable with a man who can solve all the problems? If a man meets a girl on the way from Russia or Ukraine, perhaps she will not refuse him , because she did not fall in love at first sight.
Maybe Russian bride will not be waiting for the moment when her life will be full of passion that will drive her crazy. It is better to have quiet happiness with a man who can take care of you, and who will save you from all troubles than to wait for a miracle that may never come.
There are different women. Among Russians and Western. And they all have different priorities, attitudes, thoughts and opinions. It is important for every woman to have a heart full of love, no matter what financial situation does have her man. Someone lives in constant search of gain.... And none of these people we have no right to be condemned, because we could be in their place.
The real story that happened with Bernard Shaw.
Bernard Shaw liked to make fun of the English aristocracy, and the like that once published an essay about the corruption of women , in which he wrote that the English ladies of high society differ from prostitutes unless the price that men have to pay for their possession .
When this insolence has reached the queen, she decided publicly to put in place insolent and made an appointment. When he came to her, she asked: “Is it true that you believe that all of the women are on sale?”
-Yes, - said Shaw.
- And even I, Queen of England?
- But you’re a woman...
- How much do I cost?
- One hundred thousand pounds - unabashedly said Shaw.
- So cheap? - Angrily exclaimed the queen.
- You see, you argue about it now! - said Shaw.

I'd like to argue with the great Bernard, but obviously, in some cases he was right. There are those who can be sold for money and among Russian girls ... We are not referring to prostitution, but have in mind those who, for a stuffed wallet ready for anything. Looking at how many young girls are married to old men because they like to live in luxury, as they have been saying to have all ... No, we should not seek to poverty , but rather think about the well-being in life and pick yourself a good party but ... it is something else . But with the money you should have also some feelings!! This is the opinion of the real Russian women.


In the last 15-20 years, Russian brides have become not just an expensive brand, but almost a symbol of Russia, along with the National Flag and the National Emblem. Russian ladies are national treasure, it was hidden for a long time long by the Soviet Iron Curtain, and now it is finally available and open to communication for the whole world. Read more….

Russian ladies are very confident in their appearance and clear know of what they want out of life. For them, the classic family values always first. They are an excellent wives and housekeepers. This is their main advantage, apart from the beauty! Russian women dating

You cannot say that Russian girls are more interesting and more beautiful than the American or vice versa. Americans often do not allow men to lead the family, and so many men want to marry a lady from Eastern Europe - to have enough freedom to work, to support the woman while she creates a comfort in the home and take care of their children. Russian girls abroad