Methods of acquaintances with women work equally well in many social networks. The only thing – dating on Facebook have some important aspects which we would now like to tell about.
1) ‘Different’ girls
The first thing one should take into consideration while getting dating with brides from Russia is that social networks have a somewhat different core audience than dating agencies and dating services do. First, here there are more men than women. Second, on Facebook there is a more adult and successful business-audience.
Here are many real accounts of celebrities, popular personalities, and people who earn well, lead a bright public way of life, use internet and new technologies actively in their work and life.
If you want to get dating with a modern Russian lady keeping up with the times, who is clever, self-sufficient, interesting in communication, travels and doesn’t stay in evenings on a sofa, than you should definitely try meeting her on Facebook. But let’s be honest and say that it is much more difficult to interest such a girl than an ‘ordinary’ bride by mail on a specialized dating site.
2) Social activity
The next problem is that your page on Facebook resembles more a personal blog. Chronicles reflect conveniently events of your life which is a wonderful advantage for acquaintances with girls, here it is very convenient to show yourself from different sides! Various reposts are not so fashionable here, but photos, events and personal opinions are a plus. That means that for successful acquaintances on Facebook you will have to fulfill chronicles with various events. In other words, if your Facebook page is not developed, a percent of successful acquaintances will be not so big as one would like.
3) Multi-format
Next on our list we would like to mention a multi-format which increases chances for a successful acquaintance. Many Russian girls have several accounts on different social networks. Be sure that when you have got acquainted with a girl on Facebook and you have links on your accounts in other social networks – she will definitely look at you there too (if, certainly, you were able to interest her). Hence, you can post various photos, different pieces on different social networks. Remember that the more time a girl will spend studying your photos the better, it will be much easier to get acquainted with a woman from Russia in such a way.

4) Using wall
The fourth important point is using wall of a girl on Facebook is more advisable than in other social networks. As if you are able to furnish your acquaintance as a special event it deserves being posted in girl’s chronicles. Suppose you talk about common musical interests. Than you post a song you talked about in a special arrangement to her chronicles and write to it your personal comment: ‘Listen, isn’t it the track we were talking about?’ Or you can just find something which connects you with a girl and post on her wall a socially adequate message on this topic. For example, one can easily use coincidence of your birthday with a birthday of a beautiful girl found in the net.
5) Poke
The fifth peculiarity of Facebook is that to the two standard instruments for acquaintances (personal message and post on the wall) one can add the third one – poke. Honestly, poke has as definite sexual subtext. Why? The thing is that in a dating industry, for example on dating sites, the element of poke was introduced since ancient times. If you don’t know what to write in the first message – poke! It will be a check for being interested. If she pokes back, it is a bit easier for you to begin an acquaintance. Bit this method is rather for novices. Experienced users know that beautiful and attractive young women get hundreds of pokes a day and practically don’t respond to them, especially if they are from people unknown.
Summing up one should say that it is a quite real task to find a bride from Russia in social networks (in FB also). Fluent in English, clever and lonely Russian beauties are not a rarity at all. Use our advices for meeting them in the internet.