It is possible to check easily how much you look like the most beautiful woman ever due to enthusiasts who went to Louvre with a tape measure in their hands. Measuring of a marble Venus showed that a perfect beauty is expressed in the following figures: height – 164 cm, chest – 86 cm, waist – 69 cm, thighs – 93 cm. But Mars wouldn’t fall in love with Venus if she wasn't blonde. It was the cult of fair hair in Ancient Greece and Rome. And that’s why women in the Ancient Rome invented a mean of hair bleaching.
Hair was accurately engrained with a goat milk oil, then it was rubbed with a beech tree ash. Then they sat in the sun which fetched the thing up. But for a discovery of a less troublesome procedure for hair bleaching than sitting under the sun women are obliged however not to striving to a godlike ideal but a to a wish to please the good and the great. Unfortunately, politics interfered with it.
The thing is that the empress Eugenia, the wife of Napoleon III was a blonde. To prove her devotion to the throne French women who got the way of being born red, fair or brunettes were trying to imitate the first lady in everything, even in a hair color. Blondemania demanded its hero and he appeared. It turned to be a Paris hairdresser Hugo who invented a simple way of hair bleaching with the help of hydric dioxide. Since then any woman can easily look like Venus. At least her hair color.
Why do Russian and European men like blondes more?
A number of serious researches express a quite reasoned opinion that most of citizen of the countries of Northern and Middle Europe, and it is especially characteristic of Eastern Europe and Russia, an image of a woman with dark eyes and dark hair on a subconscious and genetic memory level can be involuntary associated with images of enemy conquerors from the East. Rus, for example, fought with bloodthirsty and cunning Mongol-Tatars. And Europe not once suffered devastating raids of Turks and Crimean Horde. A man always looked for definite external characteristics by which he could define a woman with whom he would manage to live a quite peaceful and happy family life. Explicit brunettes and chestnuts could belong to ‘alien tribes’, that’s why a gaze stopped on their friendly ones ¬¬– fair-haired and blue-eyed.
In a fair psychological point of view blondes are more stable, they are notable for their sincere spontaneity and have a more cheerful and calm temper than women with a different hair color. They are notable for their great kindness and are more often up to self-sacrifice for their beloved one.

P.S. In the result of a polling made Russians named the most beautiful and attractive blond of 2013. As the best representative of a fair-haired population of Russia among women was named the actress Elena Korikova. Possessing the classical beauty Korikova doesn’t leave any man indifferent. Besides, she is also extremely talented.

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