Today in Russia there are no too much experience of the “black and white" mixed marriages, although the country has a rich experience of other different racial marriages (for example, Russian women with men of Asian origin from Central Asia, as well as all sorts of ethnically mixed marriages which were one of the distinguishing features of the socio- demographic picture of life in the former Soviet Union) .
From a Russian woman, who made the decision to enter into interracial marriage, and still requires a lot of courage and the will to resist public contempt. Until now for the population of the Russian Federation, especially its peripheral areas, cannot accept different racial married couple in which the wife is "their”, and her husband is a "black man”. Therefore, local public opinion often has an attitude to this phenomenon as a social anomaly.

The large-scale entry into the international community , which has long been living under established laws , including the level of inter-racial relations, formally opened a number of benefits to racially mixed couples both in terms of civil law and socially : new laws about the entering and leaving the country for Russian citizens, entered into the national legislative practice dual citizenship , the expansion of the business and commercial relations between Russia and Africa are largely designed to facilitate civilian and material existence in families of a Ukrainian woman and a black man .
However, today we can definitely say that our active meeting and accepting of the rules approved by the world community has radically changed the opinion of Russian girls about black men. If a Russian woman wants to get married her loved one and be happy, she will never divide the male population into black and white. Whom will she like on the dating website, whom will she sincere love – that one will be chosen.
It does not matter what color is the man - black American or white German. We live in a time when mixed marriages haven’t been surprise for a long time. The children in such marriages are usually beautiful and talented, and these marriages are strong, according to the statistics.