Both types of girls possess a set of advantages and drawbacks. What exactly? Let’s begin with bad girls, and their unquestioned advantages specifically.
The first advantage is that no one can get bored with them. They can play pranks all night long restlessly and are ready to play pranks on the next day. They laugh much, they flirt eagerly, everyone feels himself a professional seducer with them. Bad Russian girls are cheerful and energetic. They are never depressed, their life is a continuous festival. They are maximally open persons who adore experiments in bed and will do anything they like and even more than you wish.
In 90 per cents of cases bad girls are beautiful and sexy. They have an airy walk. They are used to being a center of attention. They wear necklaces and bracelets, their shirts are maximally open, skirts are short, underwear is sexy… If your relations with such a beauty approach to something serious it is quickly brought to life that bad girls are absolutely wrong life partners. They are extremely selfish, think only of themselves and at the same time they don’t care about the one who is nearby. They are extravagant and wasteful. They make worthless wives and mothers, their life is a chain of divorces. If one deals with such a woman he should get ready that she will positively empty your purse.

Well, for life it is better to deal with good ones. Among them there also appear various species, but the fact remains the same: only with them one can experience a valuable soul comfort. If you are sick you will be cared for, went on a trip – you will be missed, you have problems – one will listen to you carefully, not shout at you as a bad one does. The number of men whom a good one knew doesn’t exceed critical standards, that’s why you shouldn’t necessarily be a top class lover. A good Russian wife is unlikely to fool you around. They are monogamous in their majority. With bad ones you approximate quickly and part violently, with rows. With good ones it happens in different ways, but only such ones can become real friends, and warm relations with them last even after you have parted. With good ones there are no (or almost no) financial problems. They are modest and moderate and the main thing is they don’t demand but try to understand and don’t lose a sense of reality. Only good ones become real wives and mothers. They like a family fire, children. They, as a rule, come from good and strong families and that’s why they follow right stereotypes in their own families.
In general, the issue remains open: what type of a girl is better and less dangerous for mutual life? An answer suggests itself: real queens combine their merits of both types. They are household and comfortable, as good ones are. And also lambent and sexy as bad ones are. The trouble is that such girls can be met extremely seldom. But not everything is so bad… Try and find, for example, here – acquaintances and marriage with young and beautiful women won’t seem to you to be so hopeless…


Very often one asks a question ‘Why do men like russian brides and marry them?’ However, it concerns not only women from Russia but all Russian-speaking women of the former Soviet Union.