Now there are many Russian women abroad, each with her own reason for the move - work, school, marriage. However, they are Russians, as they say, “I belong to the nation, which language I use for my thoughts." Someone is luckier in a new country, some less, someone goes back home, someone stays, all of them face the problem they need to adapt to all changes. In this section of the website we will try to understand where and how Russian wives live abroad, what kind of relationship do they have with their husbands.
A lot of people think that international marriage is always a marriage of convenience. A woman is looking for peace, safety, and a father for her children. A man is looking for a peace, understanding, and a mother for their children. Romance and passions as a rule calmed down in a year a couple has the real feeling check - are you ready to spend all your life with a creature of the opposite sex under the same roof or not? Is he able to support a family? Can you live with a partner with grave shortcomings, and the partner can “get used “to your ones. As a result everyone can figure out that marriage is not only romance, sex and endless pleasure, and for the most part, it's a daily work. It is so easy to start a family; it is more complicated to save it.
What is the difference between women in the USA and Russia (Ukraine)?

These families are faced with the many challenges and difficulties. And in an ordinary family, where the spouses have a common history and a common mindset for a long time, people adapt to each other, and what about interethnic marriages, where besides of the newlyweds which two countries, two completely different historical structures are trying to adapt to one another.


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